I think we’re alone now!

“I think we’re alone now
There doesn’t seem to be anyone around”-Tommy James and the Shondells


I was recently at a meeting of instructional coaches and was reminded of one of the hardest parts of our job: Working alone.

It might seem odd. Coaching is a role in education where, unlike many of your colleagues, you actually get to talk to adults in the school. But most coaches feel alone in their school.

Some coaches are fortunate to work in a coaching team.  At my school, I am one of the lucky ones and greatly enjoy the conversations, colleaguial planing, and camaraderie.

For those of you who feel all alone, a few suggested strategies to fight the loneliness:

  • Partner with someone in your school in a similar role. Plan to meet on a regular basis.
  • Take advantage of your district coaches meetings (formal or informal)
  • Journal: Write for reflection, write for planning, just write.
  • Twitter: Search and follow other coaches (@ecsandberg11 perhaps) or join in on a weekly twitter chat. #educoach is one of the best!
  • Blog: read one and join the conversation with comments or write one of your own!
  • Critical Friend: Make a plan with a trusted colleague to communicate and problemsolve on a regular basis. Agree that all that is said or written will be confidential. Meet in a format the works for you, face to face, by phone or Skype, even by email

These are just a few suggestions.  I would love to hear your ideas. You can submit them through the comments button below. In the meantime, take care of your self and remember that you are not alone!

I wanna get it through to you,

You’re not alone.

I’m gonna get it through to you,

You’re not alone  -Mavis Staples


2 thoughts on “I think we’re alone now!

  1. Dani B says:

    Thanks for this well-timed post! Today was definitely one of those days – never really thought about the aspect that this new job can be lonely, but it helped me put perspective on days like today. Your suggestions are great!


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