Avengers Assemble!

I am a big fan of superhero movies. There. I said it. When I was young I loved comic books, Marvel Comics in particular. As an adult, my love for comics has transformed into a love for the Marvel movies (X-men, Spider-Man, Avengers, and so on).  As I was watching a preview of an upcoming installment of the Avengers franchise, I started to think of the heroes on the screen as metaphors for the qualities of an instructional coach superhero. So, read on, true believers!

  • Captain America represents the heart of the true believer. Steve Rogers wears his patriotism literally on his sleeves (and his chest, shield, and so on). With little exception, Cap’ always stands up for what is good and right. As a coach, you’ll face similar challenges. Your colleagues will question your beliefs, your dedication, and your resolve. Stay strong in your beliefs!
  • Iron Man represents the use of technology to do amazing things. Tony Stark, an arrogant millionaire, becomes Iron Man out of necessity. Over time, he realizes that the technology that empowers him also comes with a great deal of responsibility. At his core, Stark is a problem-solving genius. You can also leverage technology to supplement your coaching skills. Use technology to collaborate, to reflect, to learn, and grow!
  • Thor represents the constant drive to prove oneself. Although a Norse God, he struggles to live up to the legend of his father, Odin the king of Asgard. As an instructional coach, you must consistently prove yourself. You’ll have your doubters and some low moments, but every day comes with new opportunities to show your colleagues (and your self) that you can help save the day!
  • Hulk represents self control.  Dr. Bruce Banner is brilliant and is accidentally impacted by Gamma radiation.  He becomes the Hulk when he is angered. Bruce struggles to contain the Hulk initially, but over time develops the self control that can keep the Hulk at bay.  You will be frustrated. You will “hit the wall.” Just like the Hulk, no one will like you when you’re angry. Stay calm in the moment. Channel your inner calm into a quiet strength that rivals the brute strength of the Hulk.

So, my fellow instructional coach super heroes, what will happen next?

Will you harness your super powers: The heart of the true believer, technology, the drive to prove your self, and quiet strength?

Will you save the day?


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