The SLICE Framework

The work of is based upon the SLICE Framework.  This framework summarizes six essential elements of instructional coaching.  The acronym of SLICE stands for the following:

  • Strategic (intentional and purposeful)
  • Learnable (able to be learned and developed)
  • Instructional (the head)
  • Coaching (the heart of the framework)
  • Essentials (each element is non-negotiable)




Each element is represented by an icon.  The SLICEs are as follows:

relationshipsRelationships              conversationConversations

instructionInstruction                         decisionsDecisions

c&cCulture and Change                growthLearning and Growth


2 thoughts on “The SLICE Framework

  1. Karen Veras says:

    Relationship building has been a real challenge for me as a first year coach. I have found that going from a classroom teacher (after more than a decade) to a coach at the same school has changed the dynamics of my relationship with many teachers. Do you have any bits of advice or strategies?


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